Let them see you!

This is one of those videos I share, from time to time.   It’s my go-to motivation video because it has everything that running means to me, all packed into 5 minutes and 10 seconds.   Telling the story with Coldplay’s “Fix You” certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

Now that I’ve watched it for the 34th time, something occurred to me that I hadn’t considered before, and that is this; If Roger had refused to be photographed or filmed when he was very obese at the beginning of his journey, his story – for better or worse – would not have the impact it has now.

I mean, we’re all inspired by a good story, but a story with pictures is worth SO much more to our sometimes fickle senses.   Unavoidable truth, whatever you may think of it.

Maybe you’re afraid of the camera and maybe you’ve had this challenge before that says – ‘commit to change by recording yourself where you are now’.   So you commit, you take your ‘before’ pictures and you feel inspired for a little while, but then, the normalcy of your old life creeps back in and you feel betrayed, cheated, because you have these pictures reminding you that you didn’t do it.. you never made it.  You quit.

And then, you hide.   You carefully manage what photos get taken of you, at what angles and what gets seen – if you allow photos to be taken at all.    This is one way we give up.

May I offer that you can stand bravely in each shot, willfully being where you are and not focused on the present, but instead focusing on the path you are on?   Can I tell you that you are worthwhile, important, and that you matter – that you have something to offer the world that is meaningful and impactful and even life-changing for someone else?   Did you know that the most powerful thing you could ever share with someone is the commitment to loving yourself, being where you are now, and recognizing the beautiful path you are on to becoming your the hero of your own life?

That’s a story worth pictures – don’t you think?

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