“You’ve totally got this!”

Welcome to Destination U!’s beginner Marathon program!

This is it!   The Marathon distance comes out to 26.2 miles and is worth every step!   There isn’t a greater road event to test your endurance, your patience, your discipline, and your humility – it is quite possibly the greatest metaphor you will ever need to understand life, love, and acheivement.

The beginner-Marathon training program is a full 18-week program that will stack the deck in your favor as you tackle this life-long goal.   The program is best for those that have done the half-marathon distance within the last 3-6 months, but is accessible to almost anyone that can reliably run 6 miles, or 15 miles/week.

This program includes 18 group long runs and 18 early morning pace workouts in three phases, as well as gaining access to the guest-speaker schedule and the informative and educational Running Clinics offered to our three 5k locations.

Legacy Status

When any DU athlete has completed each program leading up to/and including the Marathon program, they will be recognized as Legacy Members and are welcome to continue training with Destination U!, free of charge, for as long as they wish.


The 18-week Marathon program is a steal at $150.   We are currently only targetting two marathons/year; The Tucson Marathon and the Mesa-Phoenix Marathon.

If you want to run a marathon of your own choosing, subscribe to the individualized FLEX-plan and pay only $40/month.

This is the kind of affordable convenience, and flexibility you deserve!