“First-Semester-Free” 5k

Welcome to Destination U!’s beginner 5k program

5k, or 5 kilometers, equals 3.1 miles. That is a big distance, and may even seem impossible to some of you. The best advice I can give you is to not worry so much about where you want to be, just focus on where you are right now – Oh! and join Destination U!  It’s the best place to start!

Our 12-Week Destination U! Fall Semester begins the week of August 5th, 2018.  

Target Race: TMC Get Moving Tucson 5k, October 28, 2018


Our 12-week program is designed to help YOU safely reach a higher level of fitness through gentle walk-run intervals at YOUR own speed. No other program offers such a comprehensive and supportive atmosphere where your success is our mission.

Participants can take advantage of clinics on proper running form,  safety on the road, and more. In addition, we invite local area fitness instructors, gyms, studios, and other fitness professionals, as well as amazing athletes, to share their passion, tips and tricks, and to tell us all about their business.

The 5k program is now offered in three convenient locations to make it even easier for you.

And your first semester is absolutely FREE!  Additional 5k semesters are only $30


If you would like to join Destination U!, find us on Facebook, come to The Running Shop – our #1 sponsor – and ask for a registration form, or just show up at your preferred location. The exact meeting spots and special events will be announced on the Facebook page.

Tucson-Area Race Schedule 2018