Half Marathon

“What a great distance for a great person!”

Welcome to Destination U!’s beginner Half-Marathon program!

The half-marathon is 13.1 miles – yes!  You’ve seen those stickers all over the place.  It’s an amazing distance that will challenge you, requiring endurance and discipline, as well as focus and grit.   

The half-marathon training program is a 14-week program intended to take the 10k finisher through a smart and well thought out training program, all the way across the 13.1 finish line.   This program includes 14 group long runs, 14 early morning speed workouts in three phases, as well as access to the guest-speaker schedule and the informative and educational Running Clinics offered to our three 5k locations.



Targetted Half-Marathon programs cost $100 for the full 14-week program.

If you with to run a half marathon of your own choosing, subscribe to the individualized FLEX-plan and pay only $40/month.

This is the kind of affordable convenience, and flexibility you deserve!