How does it work?

Your race, your pace, your plan!

Weekly Group Runs

Supported weekly long runs for any distance, sharing your runs with other beginners and with coaches who care – all at your own pace and with your safety in mind!

Proven Plan

Whatever your target race, our proven plans work by giving you the confidence you need to take the next step, stay motivated, and do it all in a supportive learning environment.

Guest Speakers

We invite guest speakers from local fitness studios and gyms to promote themselves and share their passion. These talks are motivational, educational, and inspirational – you won’t want to miss them!


Important topics include: proper running form, what makes a good nutrition/hydration strategy, general safety on the road, and race-day planning. We want to share with every Destination U! beginner-athlete well-rounded information on what it means to be a runner.

At Destination U!, we are constantly working to make our programs convenient and flexible for your life and your schedule. We want to be your fitnessplatform toward the best version of yourself. That’s why we’ve made the entire first semester of our 12-week beginner 5k program absolutely FREE -Destination U! really is all about YOU!


There are TWO plans for you to choose from!

Target Races

We have several target races throughout the year to help you reach your goals, from the “First-Semester-FREE” 5k programs twice a year, all the way up to the full marathon. Our target races make every effort to support local Tucson running events and a $5 donation is made to Team Hoyt Arizona whenever anyone signs up for one of our quality target-race programs! This is the plan for you if you want to put “skin in the game,” and commit to the whole enchilada (it’s cheaper too!).

12-week 10k program – $75

14-week half marathon program – $100

18-week full marathon program – $150


Destination U! FLEX

When you want to run a non-target race, or if you just want to build up your base while you scope out the racing schedule, we have you covered. Our Destination U! FLEX plans offer you all the flexibility you need to work up to the distance you want to train for, safely and reliably, without being confined to a handful of races. Destination U! is all about making your training easy and accessible at all levels.

When you are ready to take on the next race, we ask that your selection is at least 12 weeks away for the 10k distance,  14 weeks for a half marathon, and 18 weeks for a marathon so that we can help you succeed by generating a plan to keep you on track and injury-free.

Once you have your target race, you can sign up on a subscription basis for only $40/Month.






Whether you decide to commit to a full plan with a targeted race, or even if you’re just building your base, you can’t beat our amazing offers or our commitment to YOU!

Sign up today at the The Running Shop, 3055 N. Campbell Ave, Tucson AZ 85719.