The Bicep

This muscle, by iteself, has such a huge impact on our perceptions of fitness and strength. It stars in so many logo’s, our shirts are sometimes cut to showcase this upper-arm powerhouse, and we easily get caught up in the quick payoff of pumping it up and showing it off. We call them “guns” because they’re loaded and ready to kick some ass.

It’s so true, that when someone wants to fake fitness via injected synthetic materials, it’s the bicep they go for first! Even in honest workout programs, the bicep is never forgotten or minimized like “Leg Day” – noone in their right mind would skip preacher curls. No! We relish them because we can’t wait to see the pump.

But it’s more often the case that someone working their biceps actually are working out the rest of their body, too. It isn’t just a stand-in for fitness, it’s the real deal and an outward show of gym commitments and personal discipline. For me, it’s a really yummy part of my routine when I get to do any kind of curl and really squeeze into my bicep at the top of a repetition (rep). I even enjoy the slow release, feeling the tension as I keep it smooth and controlled.

Like the “Runners’ High”, you get a real endorphin bump when you are so in it, and you’re so connected to your body that you feel the strength overcoming adversity in real-time – YOUR STRENGTH!

That’s Biceps.

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