Trail Time

Doing what needs to be done!

You may have seen the clickbait article recently, from Outside magazine, that began, “No, that headline isn’t just for clicks.” [Headline: “Trail Runners are lazy Parasites“]. It really set off a storm of angry comments from trail-runners, mountain bikers, and pretty much anyone who saw it. The basic premise, written from the perspective of a mountain biker, states that trail runners are by volume the most destructive force on trails and bearing that blame, do next to nothing in mitigating their crimes in the form of trail maintenance or rebuilding. Like most click-bait articles, the author goes on with contradictory and anecdotal evidence to make his points.

And if you can’t tell already, I’m irked, and, while there is a time and place for that conversation, this isn’t it. Instead, let’s turn a negative into a positive!

In the coming weeks and continuing into the future, we at The Running Shop will be trying to do a better job of raising awareness to trail-maintenance schedules, introducing you all to some of the organizations that are already doing the work, educating ourselves about the nuts and bolts of fixing a trail as well as understanding the challenges that are involved.

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