What it’s worth

Fitness takes a lot out of you!

The costs in time, effort, and money.. will it all be worth it?

I mean, think about it, you go from eating whatever you want, watching as much Netflix as you want, going out to eat whenever you want, hanging out with others who do the same damned thing, staying up as late as you want, drinking.. oh man.. just getting lit whenever the stars line up just right – and then all the sudden, you have to watch what you eat, when you eat, how much and how much of different types. Suddenly, a tasty alcoholic beverage tips your numbes past your targets, you’re still hungry but your diet says your done for the day, and you have a few hours to feel this way before you crawl into bed; defeated, dejected, and hangry.

But that’s not all. You went to bed early, maybe, because you have to get up early and do a workout. Someone will be waiting on you. UGH! And it’s no ‘mere’ workout, it’s a long run, or you know it’s going to be burpees. Whatever it is, you already know it’s going to be hard, it’s going to hurt, your muscles are going to hurt for days afterwards.. dammit! This is going to suck!

So why?

WHY would you give up the good stuff and subject yourself to the bad stuff? What would make it worth it all?

What.. would make it worthwhile? To you?

Answer in comments, please..

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