What you say. What you do.

There’s something interesting I discover when I think of the things I want versus the things I have; they don’t match up.

I want the six-pack.  I want the BQ.  I want to lose a little bit more weight – not a lot, but a little bit.   I want to be more confident.  I want to study.  I want to follow through.  I want.. I want.. I want..

But if you were to measure the desires I have in my life by what I actually have in my life, I don’t actually ‘want’ ANY of those things.

Not even close.

The decisions I’m making actually subvert the things I say I want.   I eat the wrong things.  I doubt myself and listen to the same tired negative script about myself that I’ve been listening to my whole life.   I absolutely LOATHE core work.   I don’t set asie time to study.

How can I possibly say I want these things, when I don’t affirm that desire with all the little decisions necessary to make those ‘dreams’ come true?

As far as weight gain, I discovered this youtube channel about people who have gained over 600 pounds.   They’re enormous.   And if you start watching these videos, a thread emerges; they ALL say, ‘I want to lose the weight’, but they ALL cheat on their prescribed diets.

It’s never been clearer.

We’re all lying.  (check out 2:25)

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