One brief moment

It flashes.

That brief moment when the path comes into view and you see it, you glimpse it briefly, momentarily, so quickly.   The way forward.

The pull of fitness is that you want to be better.   You want to feel better and feel better about yourself.    That’s the hook.  It gets you in the door for the first day and maybe the first week, or even two weeks.  You show up, you do what they tell you, it sucks and you go home.

Eventually, you decide it’s too cold to go out today, so you make a deal with yourself that you’ll do the workout some other time, on your own.  Maybe you’ll do the workout twice to make up for it, right?   Then you eat something sweet and you get the hunger for more, so you keep eating and you just completely quit worrying about it.  “To hell with that shit – it wasn’t going to work anyway!”.

But not all of you.

Some of you pause, you reconsider, you laugh it off and go to skip the workout but you can’t.  You made a promise and you’re going to keep this one.  So, with a pout, you go and you workout.

The pain of success is greater than the pain of regret.

But it hasn’t even happened yet.  You just keep going, the doubts ringing in your ears the whole time telling you ‘it isn’t working’, ‘you should quit’, ‘why are you wasting your time?’.

And then.. it happens.   You work out, you sweat, you hurt, you push, you hang on and it happens.  The whole thing clicks into place for one.. sweet.. brief.. moment.   You get it.   It’s working.  You’re almost crying because you are earning your confidence, and the battle is hard, and it hurts sometimes but you are earning every single little gain and it’s yours.

The workouts don’t stop sucking, and dragging yourself to each one doesn’t stop being a tooth-and-nail battle, but you know now; the pain and inconvenience, the exhaustion and the doubts, it’s ALL worth it because that’s how you reach your goals.


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