One’s and Zero’s

When we want to do something, whether that’s ‘get in shape’, ‘eat right’, or ‘run really fast’, for all the complexity of making these decisions, when you boil it all down, it’s just one’s and zero’s.

Either, we do the thing, or we don’t do the thing.

The complexity comes in when we realize that ‘doing the thing’, is actually a whole string of lots of little ‘doing all the little things that will lead to doing the big thing’.   Sometimes, it can be broken down further into, ‘doing all the tiny little itty-bitty things that lead to doing all the little things that will eventually, someday, lead to doing the big thing’.

And, to make matters worse, we have to do all those things, consistently, all the time, everyday and everytime we’re faced with those specific decisions. For instance, if my big thing is to lose twenty pounds, then I have to eat better and stop eating whenever I feel hungry – yes.. I just said that.. ‘sometimes you have to just feel hungry’.   And when you start to do that, you might discover that you eat.. automatically, sometimes.   I mean seriously, without even thinking about it, you grab something and begin munching.   You realize you’re not really hungry, you’re bored or your operating out of a habit that is strangely obvious now.  And you can carry on and put that donut in your face (like you always do) or you can put it down and walk away.

THAT is the point of decision!   THAT is what I’m talking about when I say you have to do the little things that lead to the bigger things that lead to the big BIG goal.

Those decisions will really come at you, too.

Someone will bring in donuts or cake or brownies.  Are you going to eat them ‘this one time’ or not? You might feel anti-social – what a jerk! but you have to decide, are you going to pass on the donut or aren’t you?


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