Month: May 2018

The best place to start!

Getting pretty good at making excuses

You say you’re going to do something. You don’t do it You say you’re going to do something. You don’t do it. At least you have the courtesy to say you’re not going to be able to make it but it doesn’t change the fact; you don’t do the thing you said you wanted to…
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What you say. What you do.

There’s something interesting I discover when I think of the things I want versus the things I have; they don’t match up. I want the six-pack.  I want the BQ.  I want to lose a little bit more weight – not a lot, but a little bit.   I want to be more confident.  I want…
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Don’t say it

There are studies that show, that when you broadcast your intentions to do something, you decrease the liklihood that you will ever get it done.   Worse – you’ll feel good (not) doing it. I’m the prime suspect here.  The culprit. Everyone knows “I am going to run Boston someday!”.   As a matter of fact, I…
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One brief moment

It flashes. That brief moment when the path comes into view and you see it, you glimpse it briefly, momentarily, so quickly.   The way forward. The pull of fitness is that you want to be better.   You want to feel better and feel better about yourself.    That’s the hook.  It gets you in…
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It doesn’t matter where you start

Guys!  You might not be born with ‘leg-speed’ or a prodigious ability to run, or to breathe, or to process lactic acid.   You may not have come up in track shoes through junior high, high school, and collegiate athletics. You may not even be young anymore.  You may not be starting with the perfect body;…
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One’s and Zero’s

When we want to do something, whether that’s ‘get in shape’, ‘eat right’, or ‘run really fast’, for all the complexity of making these decisions, when you boil it all down, it’s just one’s and zero’s. Either, we do the thing, or we don’t do the thing. The complexity comes in when we realize that…
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