Different thoughts

Get out of your comfort zone!  Quit.. being.. comfortable.  Quit settling.   Stop yourself from doing it the easy way and remember that making gains and getting the body, life, finances, anything.. of your dreams, has nothing to do with doing the same things you’ve always done!

You have to do something different to have different results.  

Who says you don’t deserve it?   Most likely, it’s just you.. YOU say it to yourself about yourself.  I say it about myself; I catch myself either explicitly thinking it or walking in the subtle shadow of that self-confidence -ommitted, and self-assurance -lacking.

We have to quit thinking that way.

That’s the old way of thinking and look where it’s got us!  And weirdly, thinking negatively about ourselves, our bodies, our personalities, our ‘good-enoughness’, ACTUALLY IS our current comfort zone.   Not because it feels good – it doesn’t – but because it’s so familiar.  We are in an abusive relationship with ourselves and we need to get the hell out of there.   It’s not good.  It isn’t good at all.   We settle for things that drag us further and further down, we shuffle around in life under the weight of feeling useless, worthless, unloved, and irrelevant.

NO!  No no no no NO!!   We are someone!  We exist!  We are not invisible!  We already have the mysterious ‘it’ that we have always wanted to have!

But we need a new way of thinking about ourselves.  We need to cut ourselves some slack.   It might feel weird to say nice things about yourself (for once!) and we will inevitably run into what Brene Brown calls the “Who do you think you are?” mentality – so we have to have an answer.   And it better be a good one.

Make that answer a defiant one.   Let’s roll up our sleeves, grit our teeth, and spit it back with vengeance; “I’ll tell you who I think I am…. ”

No, it won’t fit right at first.   we have to grow into it but eventually, it will fit.  We also don’t have to believe the lie that we might go too far the other way and become insufferable, self-important snobs – let’s trust ourselves on this one.   Oh! Don’t get me wrong – people will tell us we’re snobs or arrogant, that really happens, but sometimes that comes more from a place of feeling insecure next to the blazing fire of confidence. People will always feel uncomfortable next to those who have developed the strength to do things and be the people they always wanted to do and be.

Let’s trust ourselves to know the difference.  Let’s listen to our hearts.

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