Welcome to Destination U!’s Beginner 10k Program!

10k, or 10 kilometers, equals 6.2 miles. That’s twice the 5k distance, so it may seem even more daunting. Join our program and we’ll help you reach this new distance-running goal!

The 10k program is a 12-week program designed to help you take the next step after you have completed a 5k. With your safety in mind, we gently build distance, strength, and confidence toward your goals.

There will be 12 supported group runs on Saturday mornings where participants will be treated to our educational and informative clinics.



Targeted 10k programs are $75 for the full 12-week course.

If you wish to run a 10k of your own choosing, subscribe to the Destination U! FLEX plan and pay only $40 per month.

This is the kind of affordable, convenient, and flexible program YOU deserve!