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Welcome to Destination U!

“The Best Place to Start”

Home of the “FREE 5k!” beginner training group!

Next Semester begins the week of August 5th!

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 What we offer

A “safety-first” environment.

A 12-Week 5k program for the true-beginner – FREE!

Individualized training plans for beginners at each distance/level.

Guest speakers from local fitness studios and gyms: inspirational, motivational, and educational.

Clinics on proper running form, general road safety, and more!

Participants receive 10% discounts on non-sale items at The Running Shop. (Our #1 Sponsor!)

An introduction to intermediate and advanced groups that can take your training to the next level.


Training Begins

    • Three Locations
      • TUESDAY: Udall Park – 6pm
      • WEDNESDAY: Riverfront Park, OV – 6pm
      • THURSDAY: Reid Park – 6pm

Find out more about your Destination U! training options HERE.

Latest News


  • Do want to train for a race, but you need someone to run with? Stay tune for the “DU YOU” social running schedule!   Anyone can join any of the coming social runs to train, or just hang out with their besties, in a fitness setting while getting whatever workout you want.   Need something closer to home?  Be a captain and start  your own “DU YOU” group by using our page to advertise and organize.
  • Our Fall semester 5k program is starting up (Aug 7-9) and we have record signups rom all three of our beginner-5k locations! Look for the DU shirts, the bright, smiling faces, warm with the glow of accomplishment, as we cross the finish line on October 28!
  • DU Coaches continue to impress by putting themselves outside of their comfort zones, developing into the best versions of themselves and facing their fears with resolve and character. It isn’t as hard as it sounds when you are surrounded by so many amazing beginner-athletes who consistently show up and get it done!



Photo by Daria Tumanova on Unsplash

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