Beginner 5k Program

Our beginner 5k program is perfect for U!

Imagine identifying yourself as a ‘Runner’.   For most of us, that thought is immediately met with disbelief, or a sarcastic smile – “Well, I’m not a runner, but O.K.”.

What if I told you that if you can run even just one step, you are a runner?

Destination U! wants to change the way you think about yourself and what you consider possible.  After all, where has your current thinking gotten you in life?  Wouldn’t it be better, if you wanted to go in a new direction, to take new steps and think new thoughts about yourself?

We are in the business of building confidence in tackling the 5k distance at your own pace, and feeling great about it!   We believe that success breeds success and that the lessons one learns in achieving one goal can translate into confidence and strength in dealing with other areas of life.

Learn how to run, with Destination U!

Added Value!

    • Our 5k program has both Spring and Fall semesters lasting 12 weeks.
    • We value a gentle build-up, from week to week, to keep you moving strong and injury free.
    • Your pace is perfect and it’s ok to walk when you have to!
    • Noone is going to judge you – we’re all actually pretty proud of our athletes for just showing up!
    • The entire program is only $75
    • Schwag includes a technical shirt, a “Build Your Base” brochure, and a unique achievement award! (Must complete the program and the race!)
    • Support local charities such as Team Hoyt Arizona with your registration!
    • Support local Tucson races and their charitable giving as well!
    • Join us for FREE summer running from late March through Early August at Reid Park.

Additionally, our coaches will give you important tips and advice in our running clinics.   From “What is proper running form?” to “Safety on the road!” (and more!), our clinics will make sure you have everything you need to help you stay consistent and safe, moving forward!

We even throw in a few excursions to our interactive program by keeping things light and fun.   This may include the popular “DU Challenge!” photo-scavenger hunt, a semester end party at the Running Shop (our #1 sponsor), or meeting and working out with our goal-group: The Workout Group!

Check us out at the following location:

THURSDAYS @ Reid Park: 6pm.


We’ve teamed up with Beat Cancer Boot Camp at MORRIS K. UDALL PARK to offer you beginner strength training!

Every Saturday, 8 AM – 9 AM, Ramada #3

Please visit the Beat Cancer Boot Camp website for more information!

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